Terms and Conditions

When making a booking to stay at Little Trill Cottages you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.


In the event of having to cancel a booking you are required to put notification in writing. You will be responsible for the balance of the rent. Your holiday insurance will for the most part cover this risk. Money will not be refunded if you decide to cut short your holiday.

The following charges apply for cancellations: up to 3 months before the booked date – loss of deposit only; 3 months to 8 weeks – loss of 50 % of total booking fee; 8 weeks to 4 weeks – loss of 75% of total booking fee; less than 4 weeks loss of 100% of total booking fee.


Parking is only permitted in the guest car park. Trill Cottage has it’s own private parking. There is strictly NO parking in the courtyard. Guests staying at Vine Cottage are welcome to drive into the courtyard on arrival to unload and again on departure to reload belongings into your vehicle. There is only 1 parking space available to Honeysuckle Cottage, Wisteria Cottage  and Rose Cottage. Two cars can be permitted with Vine Cottage and Trill Cottage. Number of cars must be declared before making a booking. Additional car parking spaces maybe agreed by prior arrangement with the owners during the low season.


Pets are charged at £20 per pet, per week. There is no more than 1 pet allowed in the cottages unless prior arrangement has been made with the owners. There is a limit to the number of pets permitted to stay at Little Trill Cottage at anyone time. If this number has been reached your booking with a pet will not be taken. Owners must take full responsibility for their pets at all times whilst staying at Little Trill Cottages and they must be accompanied at all times. Pets are not permitted to stay in the cottages unattended. You must clean up after your pet.


Smoking is not permitted inside the cottages

Tenant’s Obligations
To pay for any loss or damage to the property or fittings before departure (reasonable wear & tear excepted). To take good care of the property and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition. To permit the proprietor reasonable access to the property. Not to part with possession or to share possession of the property during the tenancy. Not to cause annoyance to other tenants, especially with loud radios, noisy dogs etc.


Limit of Liability

The proprietor shall not be liable for the death or injury sustained by or occasioned to any person staying at the cottages or guests of the people staying at the cottages unless caused by the negligence of the proprietors. Tenants shall take all reasonable steps to secure and safeguard their property including motor vehicles and their contents. The proprietor shall not be liable for loss or damage, direct or indirect, to tenants’ property including motor vehicles and their contents during the tenancy unless caused by the negligence of the proprietors. The proprietor reserves the right to terminate the tenancy if the terms of the tenancy agreement are not kept or for any other good and sufficient reason. In such cases, the refund of the outstanding rental shall be deemed to discharge all liability of the proprietors to the tenants.


Data protection

Your address will be used for our annual mailing slot. If you wish not to receive this mailing, please let us know  and your details will be removed.